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Homegrown Cover

Hey y’all. It’s been awhile. After two years of working on my book based on this blog; I’m excited to announce the book is finished. HOMEGROWN : Illustrated Bites from your Garden to your Table will be released mid-April! YAY!  It was a long haul, but it’s finally done and I’m looking forward to sharing more soon.  (You can check out some sneak peeks on my Instagram.) I’ve added an Illustrated Bites Book tab to the menu, so you can order yourself a copy. Tell your friends!

The last year was definitely a difficult one, and when you’re super busy it’s really hard to eat right and make meals at home. I found myself spending the whole day writing and drawing about cooking, but not actually doing it . When you eat out a lot, or just eat badly, it ends up dragging you down and making you sluggish. It’s hard to get stuff done with a pizza hangover.

Mason jar salads SAVED ME.  I’m sure you’ve seen these by now (they’re all over Pinterest.)  They’re a great solution for eating right with a busy schedule. You can make a weeks’ worth of lunches on Sunday, and then it’s just grab and go during the week. I’m a hungry person, and not exactly a “salad girl”, but these are amazing. Just be sure to load the salad up with plenty of protein, whole grains, and nuts to keep you from getting hungry by mid afternoon.

Mason Jar Salad



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