Dear wonderful reader,

It’s Monday night and I’m drunk. Not super drunk, just tipsy. I haven’t had dinner yet and beer always goes straight to my head when I haven’t eaten. There’s a pizza in the oven and It’s smelling pretty good… While I’m sitting here cruising the internet while dinner cooks, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want Illustrated Bites to be. All summer I’ve been distracted with illustration work and playing outside, so I haven’t done much cooking. The blog has definitely gone downhill in that time. At least, I feel like it has.

Time for confessions. I’m not an awesome cook. I think I’m better than most people my age but I’m still learning. I feel like I’ve been putting up a front, like I’m this amazing chef and you should listen to all my insight and knowledge. But I’m not!  In this way I feel like I haven’t been very connected to my blog and therefore not very motivated to do it. My writing has also been really guarded…so I’m just going to fucking cut that out (sorry, Mom!)


It’s time to get real, y’all. I’m 24, learning to be a real life grown up, an aspiring illustrator, and a budding chef. I like to cook,  I love to eat, and I love to draw. And this blog is now going to be more about all of those things, not just recipes. It’s going to be illustration, bites about life, illustrated food, eats and bites, and much more. But don’t worry,  there will still be recipes.


Whew, that said… let’s move on.


Heather Diane

p.s. If you’re wondering (and rightly so) what’s with all the fish; the topic of this post was originally going to be about which fish are the most sustainable and ecologically friendly to eat. But I had to get some things off my chest. However, I do think it is a really important topic and you should check out Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. You can download guides specific to your region and easily search different seafood so you can make the best consumer choices.